The Fraternal Order of Police are very unhappy with Officer Rosen’s firing earlier this week. FOP President, Jason Pappas, believes public opinion of the case was swayed by Mayor Ginther’s comments, therefore swaying the disciplinary process. Though Mayor Ginther does not believe his comments had anything to do with the decision to fire Rosen.

This whole ordeal started when video footage was capture of Rosen stomping on a suspects head while he was cuffed on the ground. Two days later, Ginther said he was troubled by the video and Rosen’s actions were out of line.

A hearing was held with the Director of Public Safety, Ned Pettus, who decided Rosen should be fired.

Mayor Ginther then released a statement saying he supported the decision.

There will be at least one more hearing. A neutral arbitrator will hear the appeal and have a final say.