“Trumpcare” Could Cost Ohio $26 Billion

According to a new report released by the Center for Community Solutions — the House Republican alternative for Obamacare would cost Ohio anywhere from $19 to $26 billion in federal funding for Medicaid over six years.

The entire thing would lead to massive cuts and a substantial reduction in services and eligibility. The largest decrease would be in aid towards children, the disabled and adults (so pretty much everyone who isn’t a healthy young adult.)

The American Health Care Act (or “Trumpcare” as some are calling it) would make huge changes to Medicaid — which spells bad news for Ohioans as it was one of 31 states that expanded Medicaid through Obamacare.

“Ohio would need to contribute or cut $7.2 – $9.5 billion in state funding through 2025 to maintain projected funding levels for the entire program.” The report says in regards to Medicaid.

Infact, Republican Gov. John Kasich is very much against the proposed alternative to Obamacare, going so far as to lobby Congress and Trump’s administration to completely nix the plan in favor of something else.

“In many respects, the desire for value is why the Kasich administration has leveraged managed care and taken advantage of a number of ACA policies that have moved Ohio into episodic based payments, increased use of home and community-based waivers, and expanded Medicaid. However, given Ohio’s historical trends of expenditure in Medicaid, a per capita arrangement would ultimately force the state to reduce costs at a pace that may force cuts to benefits or restrict eligibility. Moreover, it could compromise Ohio’s privatized system of managed care, despite its successes, without significant changes to the standards of actuarial soundness” The report wrote in conclusion.

To read the full report click here.


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