[Updated] Why Do Ohioans Need a Front License?

Well that was fast — the legislation to remove the requirement all Ohio vehicles have front license plates has failed to leave the House committee.

Ohio Legislators are asking the same question, as they consider proposals to end a law that requires all Ohio vehicles to have a front license plate.

The proposal by Rep. Alicia Reece (D) was created because she believes that the front license plate “unfairly subjects citizens to police scrutiny” and leads to “negative interactions with law enforcement.” Front license plates also cost taxpayers $1.4 million a year.

Ohio is one of 36 states the require a front license plate — but none of the surrounding states require them.

“Every day that we allow this baseless law to exist is one more day drivers from Kentucky have more rights on our roads than we do,” Reece said in a news release. “Not only does this law cost taxpayers more money while creating confusion in border communities, but it only serves as an excuse to pull people over and in the case of Sam DuBose – cost a life.”

A vote will be held tomorrow to include the proposed law in a state transportation budget.


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