Graffiti grief: Spray paint art doesn’t sit well in SoHud

A spray paint mural on the side of a breakfast joint in the SoHud neighborhood didn’t sit right with a portion of the Columbus community. In fact, the mural sat so uncomfortably for some that they demanded it be removed.

The graffiti wasn’t an act of vandalism. A company called Lookoutsupply that specializes in urban spray paint work was brought in to create art on the side of Baba’s building at 2515 Summit St.

But Instagram posts by the shop show that the artwork is coming down.

RIP… Im going to get so many more walls around this area just because a few fuck bags in the area were persistent enough to harass people and business owners so much that we had to paint over our first wall we did over in the #sohud area!!! TONS of good people in the neighborhood loved it, but a handful of the ones that think that they have to have their hands in everything but don’t put up no cash for it are ruining it for everyone.. So we will do it the Professional way and we will be pushing way harder for more walls around Columbus, Take it in our own hands like we always have and make Columbus a new hip Creative place to the ones that really matter……. ( YOU )THE PUBLIC! #lookout614 #lookoutshop #lookoutsupply #lookoutartsupply #artsupplies #apparel #gear #streetwear #fashion #seasonal #attire #graffiti #culture #graff #streetart #columbus #ohio #midwest #ALWAYSLOOKINOUT #local #business #lookoutgear #neighborhoodwatch #loveoverkilling #tags #handstyle #kobrapaint

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A second post by Lookoutsupply states that because they initially said Baba’s wall would be rotating murals, the individuals who took issue with the graffiti used that as leverage to take it down. But they promise to take to the spray paint again.

To be CLEAR! We will be painting ANOTHER MURAL on the wall! We made the mistake of saying we will be doing new murals every so often on this wall in the beginning so the persistent ass holes really used that to their advantage to get this one gone!!! So it is what it is and their will be more dope art on the walls, It just can’t be graff or what this one looks like… we will do something that the mass can kind of agree with I guess, even tho that is ass backwards for art! OL and For Free………….. So stay on the lookout and know that their will not be another wack TREE MURAL and something new will pop up soon ! Thanks to all the good people that loved this wall and thanks for the support! Seeing everyone mad about this really inspires us to do more and to not care about the haters!! And if one of you haters are reading this and would like to donate some money to your new mural that would be appreciated… or you could have went and helped @babas_columbus buff the old one… smHH •Also to be clear Babas are the True champs to this topic, they have dealt with more stress and BS then us and have been crazy supportive and appreciative during the whole thing!! They now have buffed the wall for us in advance to make something new and beautiful!! We are just mad cause of circumstances and we let the haters kind of win this one…. I said (kind of) so stay lookin out!!! #lookout614 #lookoutshop #lookoutsupply #lookoutartsupply #artsupplies #apparel #gear #streetwear #fashion #seasonal #attire #graffiti #culture #graff #streetart #columbus #ohio #midwest #ALWAYSLOOKINOUT #local #business #lookoutgear #neighborhoodwatch #loveoverkilling #tags #handstyle #kobrapaint

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Lookoutsupply shop says that people who vandalize parks, rocks, etc. are giving a bad name to true graffiti artists.


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