Last October, John Staley, 16, a sophomore at Hilliard Davidson, was accused of conspiring to kill classmates after authorities found gas masks, tactical vests, and ammunition in his home. This kid is also being accused of researching school shootings, Neo-Nazis, and gun making and recruiting other students to help in the plot. He served six months in juvenile detention and is now home, placed on house arrest and electronic monitoring.

Prosecutors believe Staley could still be a threat to society and have little faith in the the ineffectiveness of ankle monitors as they didn’t stopped Reagan Tokes murder suspect, Brian Golsby, from committing crimes. These prosecutors also want him to be certified as an adult in the attempted murder case.

Staley’s attorney counters by claiming he did well in juvy and is “just a boy.”

The next hearing in this case is slated for next month and will determine whether Staley will be tried in a juvenile or adult court.

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