The victim whose legs were sawed off and thrown into the garbage nearly five months ago still has not been identified.

Two black female legs were found at a South Side waste collection center on March 28. Police have been able to narrow her age down to 30-something using information from her bone, reports The Dispatch.


But as far as the victim’s DNA goes, it doesn’t match with any that was brought in by a loved one searching for a missing person.

The Bureau of Criminal Investigation is contemplating starting a campaign to round up more leads. So far, the only one they’ve got is the boots she was wearing; size 10 JustFab brown snow boots with fur lining (similar to the pair pictured above). The style of boot is called Teigarhorn.

Call Columbus homicide at 614-645-4730 or Central Ohio Crime Stoppers at 614-461-TIPS if you have any information about this case.