Two is a party, three is a crowd, 50,093 is too freaking many. The state prisonĀ is full up to the brim with inmates and lawmakers are considering rewriting Ohio’s criminal laws.

They’re thinking about allowing the state to release non-violent, low-level inmates when the prison population reaches 47,000. Currently, there are 50,093 prisoners. This is only one change out of hundreds that the Ohio Criminal Justice Recodification Committee is recommending.

Recently, the committee of judges, prosecutors, legislators, and law-enforcement officials completed a two-year task of rewriting the entire state criminal code (4,017-page bill). The bill was submitted to the General Assembly and the committee voted 18-2 to recommend the changes.
Other changes include increasing the amount of money stolen that constitutes as a felony to $2,500, reducing add-on sentences for people who commit crimes while in possession of a gun, and opportunities for criminals to receive drug treatment instead of time in prison.
This overhaul could save the state money and allow the justice system to work more efficiently.