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Next week, it’s looking more and more like an early May than a late February — with temperatures hitting the 50s and 60s. Doctors, likely terrified, are already urging people to start using certain allergy medications now — because everything good comes with a stupid price.

According to Dr. Roger Friedman of Ohio ENT & Allergy Physicians in an interview with The Dispatch, “Next week, we could see see trees bloom and pollinate if it really does get into the 60s and stay there a couple of days,” Friedman said.

Other local doctors are giving similar advice as well ahead of the “allergy-pocalypse.”


So obviously consult a doctor first, but yeah — allergy season is coming early this year.

Individuals with “grass-pollen allergies” should just go ahead and start taking their oral treatments now, too, Friedman said, according to The Dispatch.