Carpooling; it lessens greenhouse emissions, saves money, gives you a break from driving in rush hours, and gives you even more time to visit with your beloved coworkers. But what if you have an emergency and need to leave work early? Or what if your boss decides to be a bonehead and make you stay late?

Fear not, working class citizens, Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) has the answer to your woes.

It’s called Emergency Ride Home. If you carpooled or “vanpooled” to work but are unable to catch your carriage home, a driver will pick you up from work and take you wherever you need to be free of charge. All you need to do is schedule your ride online, print out a voucher and presto, problem solved.

The MORPC developer of this program, Patty Olmsted, said their incentive was to encourage people to carpool while also eliminating worries of being stranded at work. The program is paid for by a federal air quality grant.

Whether you have an emergency with your child or you are just sick of smelling Dave in accounting’s funky coffee breath, Emergency Ride Home is there for you.