Update: Reynoldsburg police posted a notice on their Facebook page the the dogs that were allegedly stolen from two separate homes have returned home safely and were not stolen. No other information has been provided.

Breaking 07/11/2017¬†11:22am: Hide your labs, hide your Shepherd because a dog snatcher(s) is on the loose. The Reynoldsburg police are looking into two reports of dogs being taken from their owner’s backyards.

Three Chocolate Labrador Retrievers and one Black Labradore Retriever were stolen from a secured spot in a fenced-in yard. In another neighborhood, a German Shepherd was taken from a garage.

One neighborhood was north of downtown and the other just east of downtown.

Please, keep a watchful eye over your pets and contact Detective Ryan Kiser at 614-322-6918 if you see anything suspicious.

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