Columbus police were involved in a West Columbus shooting after officers were called to the 500 block of Josephine Avenue on a stabbing report on Tuesday night.

When the officers arrived, they found two victims — a woman with a cut to her hand and a man, Mark Mercer, in critical condition with a slashed neck.

The victims stated they and the suspect went to the location for a meeting. At some point the suspect left the meeting and was later observed breaking the window to Mr. Mercer’s vehicle. The suspect was confronted by Mr. Mercer and a struggle ensued. The suspect pulled a knife, cut Mr. Mercer’s throat and took his car keys. The female attempted to intervene when she received a small cut to her hand. The suspect fled on foot.

Mark Mercer was transported to Mount Carmel West Hospital in critical condition and was treated for a cut to his neck. The woman at the scene told officers the suspect’s name and advised officers of a few locations where they might find him. Officers began checking a few locations and were given information the suspect was threatening to commit suicide by cop.

Officers later received information the suspect might be at 401 S. Powell Avenue and began setting up a perimeter around the location. Additional officers began arriving at the location when the suspect exited the residence with a knife and confronted officers in the rear of the location.

A detective and officer fired shots at the suspect, striking him multiple times. Medics transported the suspect to Mount Carmel West Hospital where he was later pronounced dead. No officers were injured. A large fixed blade combat knife was found at the scene.