There is a lot of trust and responsibility placed on a jury but when it came down to handling the evidence that could lead to a verdict, one group of jurors couldn’t be trusted at all.

A couple weeks ago, 71 oxycodone pills that were evidence in a case went missing from a jury examination room. You read correctly, the very people expected to have the maturity and critical thinking skills to┬ádecide the fate of another human being couldn’t be left alone with a pile of pills.

These rooms are top secret; no cameras and no security or monitoring inside the room. Which means, someone on the inside done it. But who? Who done it?

Turns out, this wasn’t the first instance of a jury mishandling evidence. Prosecutor Ron O’Brien is now forced to reconsider how jurors will view evidence in the future.


Maybe the answer is using photographs of the evidence or viewing the materials in a clear locked box, O’Brien told NBC4i.