Drop the plywood and put your hands in the air, Ohio. We are officially the first state to ban the use of plywood to board up properties dubbed vacant and abandoned. The first thing this newly enacted ban will help combat is blight. This is is a plant disease caused by fungi like mildew. Yeah, the beautiful, expertly planted flower beds in front of abandoned homes catching blight is definitely a huge problem in the state.

More realistically, some supporters bode that the use of plywood on homes sends signals that lower nearby property values. They also say these blank sheets of wood provide a great canvas for vandalism.

To replace plywood, a cheap yet aesthetically unpleasing method to secure buildings, a new system will be put into place known as “clear-boarding.” No, this is not a new form of waterboarding with plastic wrap– this term refers to using transparent polycarbonate windows and doors to seal up properties.

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