CBUS Dusted with Snow — Entire City Goes Insane

I’ve lived in Columbus for nearly a decade now (yes, not a brag — just a fact) and like clockwork the city goes full madhouse when the weather slightly changes.

This morning, like many mornings and evenings before it — many woke up to see a pleasant dusting of snow across the city. There was no ice and the snow was light (my wipers completely cleared my windshield) but for some unknowable reason, perhaps the snow induces mass amnesia, because everyone forgot how to drive.

There were so many crashes this morning that 10tv just listed the highways on which they occurred.

At 6am this morning:

  • I-670 Westbound at State Route 315,
  • I-670 Eastbound at I-70
  • S.R. 315 at S.R. 750
  • Ramps from I-70 Eastbound to I-270 Northbound on the east side,
  • I-71 Southbound to I-670
  • I-670 at I-70 Eastbound

Barring 270, this is pretty much every highway around Columbus. As of now all the roads have reopened but if there’s some more snow.

Why is it like this? If you’ve got suggestions on how to instill confidence in Columbus driver’s during the winter, let us know — best answers are entered in to win some Marathon gas gift cards.


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