#InstaStyle nadihafeeza isn’t afraid to be bold

Nadi is the co-founder of a non-profit organization called Heart of it All Fashion which promotes forward-thinking fashion enthusiasts. She’s also the queen of her own Instagram account. Nadi’s pink locks are always on point. She loves to pair her bold hair with an even bolder pattern or texture and show off the look to all her followers. Whether she’s chilling in a hoodie or decked out in fur, @nadihafeeza is always dressed to impress.


Wore a robe to the function cuz I'm sleep 😴

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Alternative Vibes. Photo by bae: @ac_thelegend

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Explored ChiTown with my GOLDS on 🤘🏽#drmartensstyle #drmartens

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I am human. And humans are flawed. We live in an age where everyone is constantly trying to paint this perfect picture of their live. My life isn't perfect. Sometimes, I'm a little rough around the edges. There are times when I don't feel like doing shit and other times where I'll bust my ass to get everything done. I'm still winging this whole motherhood thing and trying to be the best partner to my man at the same time. In the midst of balancing my many roles, I completely neglected nurturing myself. Mind, body, and spirit. That had me down in a dark place, but outside looking in, no one would ever know. I'm grateful to have a partner who understands every ounce of my being, even when I don't understand it myself. Here's to growth, self-help, and self-love 💐 "Embracing Our Shadows" Photo by @beaempirephotography

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