Kiss goodbye to SR-315 ramp into Clintonville forever

Your route to Clintonville may be jimmied with a bit starting in a couple weeks.

The ramp to eastbound North Broadway from 315 North is set to close permanently July 25.

Neighbors in the area have been requesting this for a while because of how fast traffic comes off the freeway. The speed boards that were installed to try to curb this problem aren’t doing the trick.

The Clintonville Area Commission and the city are finally caving.

What fueled the decision also is Ohio Health’s development going directly next to the ramp.

The ramp will be converted into a public road leading straight to the new building and nearby apartments.

This shouldn’t kill North Broadway though, as there are still ways to access the road.

The exit to westbound North Broadway as well as the Olentangy River Rd exit will remain open.

There will be changes made to the southbound exit to North Broadway also, making it easier to access.

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