Ohio Lawmakers Push for Sluggish Rush Hour Speeds

What would you do with an extra 41 hours a year? Vacuum out the crevices of your car? Finish a jigsaw puzzle of the Statue of Liberty? Road trip to Minneapolis? Literally anything else besides sit in rush hour traffic? Yeah, us too but according to Texas A&M Transportation Institute, central Ohioans spend just shy of two entire days jammed up in traffic per year.

An obvious solution to this problem is to speed things up right? Well Jerry Wray, Ohio’s Department of Transportation director, believes Ohio needs to do the exact opposite; slow traffic down. He says by getting everyone to go a slower, simultaneous speed, congestion and accidents would be reduced by up to 30 percent.

To kick off this initiative, they’d implement a slower speed limit on I-67o. We’re not talking a subtle, 10 mph decrease either; we’re talking going from 65 to 35 during rush hours.

All along, we’ve been putting the pedal to the metal when we want to get home after that 5 p.m. whistle blows but maybe our solution should follow a model more like “Driving Miss Daisy.”


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