614 Donut Trail: The Original Goodie Shop

614 Donut Trail
Welcome, one and all, to the 614 Donut Trail. In the name of journalism and the great city of Columbus, we’ve taken on the honorable duty of chewing through the local donut scene. Each week, we’ll gorge ourselves on the best sweet rings Columbus has to offer and report back to you with our powder sugar-covered findings. Because, after all, the wheels on this C-bus we’re all riding are actually donuts.

The Original Goodie Shop

2116 Tremont Center, Upper Arlington

Chocolate Longjohn

Sweet, billowy cream encased by a yeasty yet slightly firm donut. Chocolate frosting is downright delicious!

Cinnamon Maple Peanut

Great crunch. Savory nuts pair well with the cinnamon inside. Plus, how amazing does this donut look?!

Maple Longjohn

Bacon is a bit greasy tasting but the donut itself is good. Not a fave.

Banana’s Foster

10 bonus points for creativity! There’s a lot going on with this donut but if you’re a banana and pecan lover, this donut is for you!

Cinnamon Fried Danish

Sweet mother of cinnamon, this donut is good! Moist, rich, and just the right amount of sweet.

Buttermilk Stick Donut

Very reminiscent of fall. The spices take you back to football, pumpkins, and chill autumn breezes.

Cinnamon Swirl

Dang, that glaze is great.

Twist Donut

Again, that glaze is a grand slam! We’ll dream of it tonight.

Glazed Vanilla Cake Donut -Editor’s pick!

My oh my, this is the best cake donut we’ve had yet! Sometimes, cake donuts can become dry but this keeps moist and dense. Yummers.

Glazed Donut

A very solid take on the donut staple. Would highly recommend this good lookin’ treat!

Sprinkled Cake

Did someone say birthday cake? Oh wait, that was us as we were eating this delicious beauty.





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