Cbus most expensive city to buy 1 grocery item, can you guess which?

Our cost of living ain’t bad but damn, getting caffeinated costs an arm and a leg here in Columbus!

Couponfollow.com recently put together an infographic revealing the most and least expensive cities in the country to buy the 30 most common grocery items.

While it would have been great to land a spot on the green side—any spot—but unfortunately, the only Columbus blip on the radar was in the red and that was for our coffee prices.


Couponfollow.com reports the average price for coffee at the grocery store is $4.19 yet here in Columbus, we’re paying a whopping $7.48.

If only we lived in Wichita Falls, TX where the price for some joe is only $3.24.

Groceries in New York and Seattle are the most expensive while our friends in Wichita, TX and McAllen, TX pay the least.

Just as long as it’s not Austin, TX.


Note: This graphic is a bit hard to comprehend at first. We suggest reading it from right to left as a grocery list. Follow each product’s line across until you hit a red dot (most expensive city) then a green dot (least expensive city). 


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