Clintonville chiropractor with shady past accused of 23 sexual impositions

A Clintonville chiropractor is being accused of seriously abusing his position as a doctor. Dr. Ryan Smith of Synergy Chiropractic Wellness Clinic at 4250 North High Street is facing nearly two dozen allegations from patients, saying he touched them sexually while under his care.

According to police per 10TV, one person said Dr. Smith, “directed her to place her arm behind her back. When she did so, Dr. Smith pressed his genitals against her hand.” Then said Dr. Smith “directed her to rotate her shoulder. While doing so, he touched and rubbed the patient’s breast.”

Another patient claims Dr. Smith “placed her arm behind her back and began massaging her shoulder. As he did so, he pressed his body against her back, causing her hand to rub his penis.” The person also claims Smith “touched and massaged the patient’s breast with his hand.”

Since these two testimonials, at least six more patients have come forward with similar allegations.

In November, Dr. Smith was placed on a two-year probation by The Ohio State Chiropractic Board after he entered an agreement with the board, admitting to failure to “explain the necessity of performing a procedure that involved contact with the female breast,” reports The Dispatch. During the probation period, he cannot be arrested or charged with any violation from any other accusers.

Dr. Smith received two warnings; one in 2007 and the other in 2015. Both were for “sexual misconduct.”


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