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Stadium beer sales actually reduce jackass behavior

Photo courtesy of Newsday Similar to how teenagers stop acting up when they’re actually given permission to do things, Ohio State fans have reeled in their jackass-ness now that they can buy booze in the stadium. Probably coming as a surprise...

Hands off Ohio State trademarks, got it?

Photo courtesy of NBC4i Hey everyone, HANDS OFF Buckeye trademarks, okay? They’re getting sick and tired of sending cease and desist letters–nearly 100 in the last two years– to you for stealing their logos so just knock it off...

Buck Wild: A visual history of Brutus

By Lex Vegas As any true Ohio State fan knows, Brutus Buckeye is more than just a school mascot, he’s a crucial member of the OSU family. Since debuting on Oct. 30, 1965 at the Minnesota vs. OSU homecoming football game, Brutus has gone through many...

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