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How many times have you read something, an article about something you feel strongly about but…you feel uncomfortable posting your hot take on Facebook? You feel weird preaching to your friends about something they either already know about or don’t care? Well, lucky for you — we’re opening a new 24/7 request for opinion pieces, think pieces, and anything that’ll stir the pot.

That’s right, want to be a published writer? Send us an opinion, no longer than 400 words and we’ll be in touch. We want fiery. We want gutsy. We want the opinions that come from a real place, right-wing or left-wing, outrageous or pragmatic. We want to hear what churns in the brain of Columbus and Central Ohio. We want to read what you’re thinking. We want to publish what you write.

614NOW is an incredible place to reach readers and establish a voice in the community — with a daily email that goes to 60,000 people, and quickly growing social media — you’ll have a chance for your thoughts and opinions to be heard.