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Fears confirmed: Miller’s shoulder injury too damaged

Fears confirmed: Miller’s shoulder injury too damaged


According to ESPN’s Brett McMurphy sources are confirming Braxton Miller is going to be sidelined for the season. The MRI scan that OSU fans hoped would abate fears has only made things worse, and his shoulder that was surgically repaired earlier this year after an injury in the Orange Bowl won’t allow him to play. He’s out and one J.T. Barrett is in, if ESPN’s report is confirmed by the university.

After media was told his surgery was nothing more than a “a routine, outpatient procedure,” Miller wasn’t full on practicing this spring and Monday’s afternoon session proved too much for his shoulder.

There still no official confirmation of Miller’s condition from Ohio State.

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Braxton Miller re-injures shoulder. Is he out for good now?

Looks like the clock has finally struck midnight for the OSU football coaches after Braxton Miller reportedly re-injured his shoulder in a Monday afternoon practice, effectively unraveling the fairy tale season the Buckeyes hoped for. The Dispatch reported Miller had hurt his shoulder again and also said that recovery time doesn’t look quick and he could even be facing another surgery. Who will replace the Heisman hopeful? Likely redshirt-freshman J.T. Barrett who recently became the new backup quarterback, but even having him ready won’t soften the blow of the major loss if Miller is out for the entire season. “By no stretch of the imagination are we where we were at that position with Kenny Guiton, arguably the best backup in college football the last two years,” said offensive coordinator Tom Herman on the backup quarterback situation, according to the paper.

Miller could be watching from the sidelines this year.

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Previously August 18, 2014
Braxton Miller: ‘You know I’m fine’

The clock is ticking down for Braxton Miller’s shoulder to be ready for the season opener against the Navy, and fans are beginning to fret that their veteran quarterback will remain benched for the first few games with an injury…again. Miller watching practice from the side hasn’t done much to squelch the nervous feelings of fans as he recovers from his shoulder surgery. Miller isn’t worried though. “You know I’m fine,” he said, Eleven Warriors reported. The coaches have all insisted that he’s 100 percent and will be ready to lead the Buckeyes into his last season, and have refused to admit anything less than growth from the star quarterback and Heisman hopeful.

Kenny Guiton isn’t there to bail out the Buckeyes this go round, and a younger quarterback would have to fill in if Miller’s shoulder isn’t entirely ready.

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