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Meet J.T. Barrett

Meet J.T. Barrett


J.T. Barrett. If you haven’t heard the name in the past 24 hours, you probably will soon. The redshirt freshman has only recently beaten out Cardale Jones for the backup quarterback position, and the winds are still shifting his way with Braxton Miller’s recent injury and likely inability to play. “J.T. Barrett will respond to the challenge, and he will lead the Buckeye Nation,” his former high school coach Jim Garfield told the Dispatch. While he too isn’t injury immune having spent his senior year of high school out with a torn ACL, he’s impressed the coaches so far and edged out Jones. He was also the first quarterback recruited under Urban Meyer’s reign. He might be hitting the field earlier than Meyer had planned, but the Buckeye coach didn’t snatch him out of Texas for no reason.

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He continued his rehab from the ACL injury as a redshirt during his freshman year at OSU, meaning he hasn’t played an actual game since he was a junior in high school, but OSU coaches have said the team moves better under Barrett’s direction.

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