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Obscenely expensive football tickets. Which costs more?

Obscenely expensive football tickets. Which costs more?


The days of moderately priced football tickets are done, and if a fan wants to head to the stadium and see the game for themselves, they are going to dish out an appropriate amount of money. Although it might be one of the oldest and long standing rivalries, the Ohio State-Michigan game isn’t the most expensive (although it does rank in the top five). Likely the most expensive ticket (unless you’re getting duped) any fan can buy this year is the Alabama-Auburn game in November. To sit in the Bryant–Denny Stadium for the game this year will cost on average $535, according to Columbus Business First. The OSU game against the team up north comes in at no.4 with the average price at the Shoe costing about $425. Planning to watch the game in person? Plan to shell out money too.

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