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Ohio State loss could also hurt recruiting effort

Ohio State loss could also hurt recruiting effort


Ohio State’s loss wasn’t just a slam in the face to Buckeye fans. Coaches also lean on the home opener at the ‘Shoe for recruiting efforts. Think about it: OSU hadn’t lost a home opener in more than three decades, the stadium will be full of crazy fans deprived of football all spring and summer, plus the south side of the stadium has added seats for more loud fans. Seems like a no brainer that it would be an ideal time to show high school kids how amazing it would be to be part of all that. Except seeing mopey fans and J.T. Barrett eat Ohio Stadium grass six times in a matter of nine minutes (which is damn near impressive), likely didn’t make the impression coaches had been hoping to push on recruits. A slew of 2015 recruits stood on the field and in the stands, and while yes, it’s better than the average high school football game, it wasn’t all it could have been in luring the baby Buckeye hopefuls into commitment.

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