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The Game set for noon, prime time hopes squashed

The Game set for noon, prime time hopes squashed


After rumors swirled around the Ohio State-Michigan game would be a prime time game at 8 p.m., athletic director Gene Smith decided to put an end to it. It’s officially a noon game.

Ohio State has won 10 of the last 12 Michigan games and this year the home game will be at 12 p.m.

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Previously on November 11, 2014
The Game set for prime time?

The Buckeye fans are getting a bit eager after the win against Michigan State and rumors have been floating around that the game against Michigan will be a night game. On the Beat Michigan page (an OSU run page) a clock is counting down to the game…and it counts down to 8 p.m. Cue ecstatic fans.

But it looks like that might not be so true. Carrie Miller, the Associate Director of Student Activities at Ohio State tweeted that the time is still not set and the clock was simply set to an arbitrary time. So still no news for the time for a night game for the big rivalry (which would be unprecedented).

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