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Add a little bit more culture to your moviegoing experience

Add a little bit more culture to your moviegoing experience

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Along with the announcement that the Gateway Film Center will be converting to a nonprofit, was the news that it’ll also be adding an art gallery to the space. The Gallery at the Gateway Film Center is set to open on Jan. 9 and will be open during the film center’s normal hours. Visitors will be able to visit the gallery for free with a movie ticket or concession (or Torpedo Room Bar and Galley) purchase.

“Not Human – Creatures in Film” by local artist Tony Simione will be the first exhibit. It will be a multimedia look at well-known movie villains and monsters with pieces inspired by the Friday the 13thJaws, and many others. The exhibit will run through the spring.

This first exhibit is a great way to combine art and theater. I just hope that my Coulrophobia isn’t triggered by a piece with a horror movie clown.

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Previously Dec. 18, 2014

Maybe your movie tickets will be tax deductible now

The Gateway Film center is transitioning to being a nonprofit organization, making it easier for the theater to get better access to funding, partnerships, and programming. The movie theater originally opened in Nov. 2005 as the Drexel Gateway but changed names and management and reopened in Dec. 2009 with the new name.

The Gateway also plans to open an art gallery and is adding an advisory board position (to be held by GCAC VP Jami Goldstein) to help with marketing and outreach.

I wonder if Gateway’s move means I can count “going to the movies” as part of my New Year’s Resolution to volunteer more with local nonprofits…

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