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Donatos gives away free pizza on accident

Donatos gives away free pizza on accident


Donatos Pizza was slinging free pizzas around Tuesday because of a fake coupon promising a free large pizza. While the coupon was honored at first, the onslaught of free pizza orders caused back ups at the pizza chain and the company finally issued a statement saying “We utilized all of our resources possible to honor this fraudulent coupon to serve our loyal Donatos customers,” the message said, but alas the free pizzas could not continue. The frenzy was apparently caused by an email that was sent out with the fraudulent coupons, Columbus Business First reported. The coupon that had been sent was from a past Cleveland promotion that wasn’t supposed to be sent out to the customers who had just signed up for the email and then go viral online, consequently shutting down five Donatos that ran out of supplies even while trying to get emergency supplies for the thousands pizza orders, according to ABC6.

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