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Don’t fret. Wendy’s pretzel burger is staying—forever

Don’t fret. Wendy’s pretzel burger is staying—forever


After growing a following that prompted the Columbus-based restaurant to put its pretzel burgers back on the menu, the company announced it’s no longer for a limited time.

To celebrate the newest member of the permanent menu, Wendy’s also released a song “Let it Live” on Twitter that features singers putting Tweets about the burgers into song form. Other than the original Tweets, there is also the repeated “Pretzel bun is here to stay,” sentiment.

While official word hasn’t exactly been released, it seems safe to say the pretzel burger will be around for quite awhile considering all the hoopla over the sandwich. For fans of the pretzel burger, you will probably be able to enjoy it without the sinking knowledge it will be gone soon. Hopefully that won’t ruin the appeal of the burger (kind of like if Girl Scout Cookies were sold year round).

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