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Pretzels good for business? Probably

Pretzels good for business? Probably


Last year when pretzel burgers were ripped from Wendy’s menus, brokenhearted fast food lovers bombarded social media, pleading the restaurant to bring the buns back. The Dublin-based company has responded, and to the relief of the pretzel fans, the burgers will be back July 4. During the special edition last year, Wendy’s sold about 50 million sandwiches (which probably didn’t hurt the case to bring the item back). “We learned the passion and emotional connection that people have with Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger,” said CEO Emil Brolick to USA Today. The part keeping everyone squirming: it hasn’t been decided if the sandwiches will be a permanent addition to the menu or another special time offer. Only time will tell, Brolick said.

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