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Some worried about Buckeye Jell-o mold

Some worried about Buckeye Jell-o mold

Kraft's OSU Jell-o molds
Kraft’s OSU Jell-o molds

Those in higher education are a bit worried about the Buckeye mold for Jell-o, because they know, that for most people using them at tailgates, there won’t be just Jell-o in there. “It could be that kids all over the country on college game days are enjoying alcohol-free Jell-O shots while sitting on pickup truck tailgates. … This could all be good, clean fun. But it’s definitely sending a mixed message,” said Aaron White, the program director of college and underage drinking prevention research at the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, according to Inside Higher Ed.

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Previously August 6, 2014
For the spirited gelatin-lover: Buckeye Jell-o

The marketing team at Kraft has probably been doing some serious research for its newest project, likely entailing a few tailgates, frat parties and college bars. In time for football season Kraft will roll out a line of college themed Jell-o molds, so tailgaters can make Block-O shaped gelatin before game days this fall, Columbus Business First reported. Odds are though, those molds will be filled with something other than just Jell-o (nicely researched Kraft).

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