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Craft beer really is the best consolation prize

Craft beer really is the best consolation prize


Consolation prizes aren’t that fun to get. But it when it comes in the form of craft beer, it definitely offsets the loosing factor. Stone Brewing Co. was considering Columbus for its $31 million East Coast brewery, but chose Richmond, VA. instead. The brewing company was so taken with the city’s support that it launched a special brew just for Columbus: Gratitude IPA.

Gratitude IPA, an imperial wheat India pale ale, is made with Columbus hops along with several other types. The beer is a first for the brewer who used dry-hopped*, which allows the hops to add aroma and a more delicate flavor.

The IPA will be available only on tap (available to bars served by Cavalier Distributing) and only in central Ohio. It is set to arrive this week.

Looks like many Cbusers will be spending the week with a pint of thankfulness.

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*adding hops to the beer while it’s fermenting. Usually, hops are added during boiling to bring bitterness to beer

Previously Oct. 9, 2014

Stone Brewing pens a letter to #Stone2Cbus

Last night (and this morning when it was officially confirmed) beer lovers took quite a hit. The brewery for Stone Brewing would not be here in Columbus but in Richmond Virginia, and that was quite a blow. The gents over at Stone Brewing though knew how much Columbus had wanted it, especially those who spearheaded the #Stone2Cbus movement, and decided to give the group a small bit of solace in a letter. (Full letter can be viewed here.) 

It expressed how grateful the brewery was to have such a spirited city lobby for the beer. “As the co-founders of Stone Brewing Co., one of which is a proud former Ohioan, we are well aware of what a magnificent place Columbus would make for our upcoming Eastern U.S. facility,” the letter read. They noticed all the events, the video campaign and the serious support streaming from the city. “Never have we seen something quite like your outreach to us. We were extraordinarily flattered by such a massive outpouring of en masse support focused squarely in our direction.”

While no, Stone Brewing won’t be coming to Columbus, the brewery has offered up a thanks offering (and not a consolation prize): a beer to be sent exclusively to central Ohio. They are preparing to make a bold style of craft beer that will be available in none other than the Buckeye state.

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