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It’s Balls out for the (former) Jury Room

It’s Balls out for the (former) Jury Room


It looks like the former Jury Room is in for another name change, and it’s not even open yet. Owner Joe Milano bought the space on (22) E Mound St. earlier this month and expected to open in January with a new restaurant complete with an improved look and menu. The plan was to feature a menu based around balls: meatballs, chicken balls, rice balls, cheese balls and name the restaurant “Balls.” Milano said, “We wanted to do something new and novel. We didn’t want to have the same menu as everyone else.”

But the reaction to the new name caused him to rethink and change it to “1831 Tavern.” The bar was built in 1831, and Milano sees the new name as a nod to the 184 year-old building’s history (as the oldest bar in Columbus).

Still, Milano was worried that some might see the new name and “think it’s just another tavern with burgers and wings and beer.”  So the sign out front will say: 1831 Tavern and will have the tagline “Balls Bar” below.

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Previously Dec. 1, 2014

The Jury Room: we’ve got ‘Balls’

After a few weeks of speculation and rumors concerning the rapid closing of The Jury Room, a new owner (as promised) has emerged. Joe Milano, who heads Caffe Daniela and Villa Milano, has purchased the space and will turn it into a meatball oriented shop with the name Balls. His plan is to take the tried and true Italian staple and expand it, including different kinds for different holidays. There will be some aesthetic changes to the dining room as well.

Milano (thankfully) seems to be in on the joke about the name and the double meaning it has and is hoping the name will make the restaurant a more fun and inviting space.


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