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#TimsTackySweater keeps you toasty and caffeinated

#TimsTackySweater keeps you toasty and caffeinated

614now Staff

The holiday season is about the get a lot tackier. Tim Hortons Cafe & Bake Shop is launching a social media campaign encouraging people to share their tacky sweater moments on Twitter, Instagram and Vine using #TimsTackySweater. Tim Hortons is also bringing its love for tacky sweaters in-store, with cups designed to look like vintage Fair Isle knit sweaters and Tacky Sweater Party ambassadors visiting office holiday parties across the country (dressed in tacky sweaters of course).

Even social media celebrities, like Toast, the King Charles Cavalier of Toast Meets World, is getting into the festive spirit by sharing her favorite tacky sweater.

To follow all things tacky this season, follow @TimHortonsUS and tag your best and tackiest fashion moments with #TimsTackySweater.

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