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Could the band post-Waters be less flashy?

Could the band post-Waters be less flashy?


The Ohio State marching band largely gained notoriety through their flashy half-time shows that gained thousands of views online and in person. But what will the band look like without Jon Waters?

“Our goal is not to be really popular, so to speak. We’re not working, and we don’t exist, to have billions of people love us,” said Scott Jones, one of the interim directors, according to the Dispatch. From Superman, to Michael Jackson doing the moonwalk, the band impressed, so much so that it landed itself in an iPad commercial (also because of their use of the iPads to create the formations). But this year could be different. Jones said that while yes, some shows will be the animated picture shows, others will be more geometric patterns and shapes, the paper reported. While many of the themes of the shows had already been planned by Waters, the changes could be in part due to Waters’ review with the director of the school of music who noted Waters was too concerned with pleasing the audience and not with “what the band needs.”

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