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Jon Waters ‘The Banned Leader’ on Today show

Jon Waters ‘The Banned Leader’ on Today show


In his first live interview since he was fired as band director, Jonathan Waters came on the Today show on NBC Tuesday morning. Waters’ last run in with the program was when they were touting his program as The Best Damn Band In The Land, and praising his halftime performances that went viral online. “The culture in our band is entrenched and because it’s entrenched it doesn’t turn on a dime,” Waters said when reporter Savannah Guthrie asked why he didn’t just change the sexual culture from day one. “On my first day I did indeed engage with our leadership and our leadership team in trying to change that culture and trying to eliminate poor behaviors.” Guthrie though pushed back, calling some of the actions in the report “nonsense,” but Waters said some of the issues were before his tenure as director and much of the report was one sided. Waters ended saying he would love the opportunity to work with OSU to improve the now known culture that has plagued the band since the investigation.

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