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The battle wages on, OSU strikes back at Jon Waters

The battle wages on, OSU strikes back at Jon Waters


OSU isn’t going down without a fight. After former OSU band director Jonathan Waters went on the Today show Tuesday morning, accusing OSU’s investigation of being one sided and that he made serious efforts to change the culture of the band. He was attempting to clear his name and set the record straight, but after his media frenzy Tuesday morning, OSU released a statement refuting his statements. “The former director has yet to produce any factual examples that demonstrate any tangible attempts to change the band culture,” Ohio State spokesman Gary Lewis wrote, the Dispatch reported. “The former band director did not notify university officials,” the statement continued. “In fact, he failed to inform or consult with others regarding the misconduct, as required by university policy, despite having numerous opportunities to do so over the past 18 months.”

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