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The deal with the medals at the marathon

The deal with the medals at the marathon


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After finishing up 26.2 miles, runners had expected (as per usual) that the medals given to everyone who finishes be hung around their necks. For some quick runners though, they didn’t even get their medals and the rest were handed metals still wrapped in plastic. That was because the medals hadn’t even arrived in Columbus until Sunday morning despite ordering the medals five months in advance, and for director Darris Blackford, the whole ordeal was nightmarish.

“Yesterday, our finish line was not the one I imagined. My disappointment in that is profound,” he said in a blog post explaining what happened with the marathon medals. It turns out because of a typhoon that hit Japan where they had ordered their medals, the shipment was delayed, and then held in California because of all the backed up shipments. Two people even drove round the clock to drive the medals from California to Columbus but because of traffic were later than expected.

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