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Tired legs wrap up Pelotonia 2014

Tired legs wrap up Pelotonia 2014


Ranging from 25 miles to 180 miles, tired riders finished off a weekend of pedaling to end cancer. While some had pictures of who they were riding for, others had messages with names to remember why they began riding in the first place. “We had a great day, and we are grateful to all the communities we rode through today for cheering on our riders and keeping them safe,” Kelly Griesmer, Pelotonia’s chief operating officer, said according to the Dispatch. Families and cancer survivors lined the starting line to cheer on the riders, and for the past three years Chris Horton has stood on one of the country roads with a sign reading “Thank you so much for saving my wife,” to encourage riders near the 84-mile mark.

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Previously August 8, 2014
Bike time. Pelotonia begins

Pelotonia weekend is upon us, 7,256 riders will begin their ride to end cancer. The six-year program has been pumping money into the James Cancer Hospital, and more than $70 million has been raised since the ride’s inception. With partners and sponsors covering the costs of having the ride itself, all of the money raised goes toward the cancer hospital. The money is going toward exactly what donors think it is: cancer research. From technology to new equipment to hiring speciality doctors. Because of the amount of riders, there will be two downtown starting locations this year.

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