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Gallery Hop turns 30 with Saturday’s event

Gallery Hop turns 30 with Saturday’s event


The very first gallery hop was pretty much a flop. In 1984, the few burgeoning business banded together in January for the first gallery hop (which wasn’t its name at the time), but to their dismay, January wasn’t the best time to encourage people to be walking outside. Ten months later, they tried again and by that time more businesses had opened, bridging the gaps between galleries and stores. “Honestly, I do think that in another 30 years the hop in some form will still be going strong. It’s a great event and the city supports it and loves it. It’s one of those things that make Columbus a big city,” said Maria Galloway, owner of PM Gallery who was part of the very first hop, according to Columbus Underground.

Saturday marks 30 years of gallery hops that started off with 30 people to more than 3,000, the site reported.

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