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FitzGerald bemoans Supreme Court decision

FitzGerald bemoans Supreme Court decision


voting2Tuesday morning, Ed FitzGerald was at the Franklin County Board of Elections, and it was closed. Voting which had been slated for Tuesday was blocked by a Supreme Court decision Monday, and polls are now set to open Oct. 7. “It’s an absolute travesty we have elected officials in this state, (Gov.) John Kasich and others, working to make it harder for people to vote,” FitzGerald said, according to the Dispatch. “It’s outrageous they used taxpayers’ dollars to take away people’s right to vote.” Republicans took a victory Monday with the ruling, but the gubernatorial candidate didn’t see it as quite the victory. He questioned who exactly it was helping to trim voting hours and accused the move of being just a political move in attempt to keep minorities and low income from voting.

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