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Gahanna might be returning $11M in tax overcharges

Gahanna might be returning $11M in tax overcharges


A judge ruled on Thursday that Douglas and Karla LaBorde had been overcharged on their income taxes because they worked in Columbus (where the tax is 2.5 percent) and live in Gahanna (where the tax is 1.5 percent). The LaBordes argument was that the taxes they were paying in Columbus were higher than what they were in Gahanna and they didn’t owe Gahanna anything. The Columbus neighbor gives back a 83.3 percent credit on the taxes residents pay to other ares (like the case with the LaBordes). Their lawyer gave an example from a $100,000 income. With Columbus taxes, they would owe $2,500 and with Gahanna’s taxes they would owe $1,500. That 83.3 percent tax credit would be $1,250 and the LaBordes would end up owing another $250, the Dispatch reported.

This case affects more than just the LaBordes and is now a class action meaning Gahanna could be doling back a lot of money to those people.

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