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Has FitzGerald given up? No debate before election

Has FitzGerald given up? No debate before election

Courtesy of John Kasich

Democrat Ed FitzGerald’s campaign for governor has been more than just a bumpy ride. It’s pretty close to going down in flames and even the Washington Post recognized him as one of the top 5 most disastrous campaigns of the year, which is actually kind of impressive. In an odd move, the debate that generally takes place between the candidates isn’t going to happen this year, and it seems like FitzGerald is done. “Despite good faith efforts on our side, the implosion of his campaign two months ago put a pause on debate negotiations, and then the recent abandonment by his party and give-away of his campaign cash seems to now have finished off any serious effort by their campaign altogether,” said John Kasich’s spokeswomen Connie Wehrkamp, according to NBC4.

It’s probably safe to say it seems like Kasich has this one in the bag.

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