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Kasich leading polls by even more

Kasich leading polls by even more


In a not shocking poll released Wednesday, incumbent governor John Kasich is still leading, but now it’s by even more. He’s leading by 22 points and Ed FitzGerald is losing about 1 in 4 democrats, according to the poll. “Not only is Gov. Kasich getting a healthy share of Democrats, but he also has a double-digit lead among women, something almost unheard of in this era of the gender gap,” said Peter A. Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll in a release. The current worry for many state democrats is that if FitzGerald is blown away by as much as predictions are saying, then many other democrats going for office won’t get elected either. The poll revealed that just 26 percent thought Fitzgerald was honest and trustworthy.

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