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What’re all these bills, just sitting here on Ohio’s Statehouse steps?

What’re all these bills, just sitting here on Ohio’s Statehouse steps?

614now Staff

The end of the year always sees a TON of Ohio lawmakers pushing through new (or updated) bills. So we decided to make a list of some of the more memorable ones.

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And some other legal moves

  • Tan Ban: If you’re under 16 or 17 and want to use a tanning, a parent/guardian must sign a consent form in the presence of a tanning facility. For those under 16, a parent/guardian must be present at the tanning facility for the duration of each tanning session.
  • License plate options: Ohio is creating license plates for the Ohio State Beekeepers Association, Ovarian Cancer Awareness, and Military Sacrifice.
  • Sales-tax relief: A sales-tax holiday will take effect on Aug. 7-9. It will exempt clothing up to $75 and school supplies up to $20 each.
  • Hunt quietly: A new bill now allows you to attach a noise suppressor to your rifle or shotgun.
  • Personal fireworks: a bill was introduced that would make commercial-grade fireworks legal in Ohio
  • Breakfast time: March is designated as “Ohio Maple Syrup Products Month.”
  • Official candy: A bill making the buckeye the official state candy did not pass into law.
  • Rascal Flatts Day: Feb. 21 has been designated as Rascal Flatts Day, commemorating the release of the trio’s first No. 1 single, 2000’s Prayin’ for Daylight.

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