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Turn off the red light!

Turn off the red light!

614now Staff

Red-light traffic camera tickets are getting the boot starting March 23. Last year, a new law was put in place banning red-light cameras. Instead, a police officer will be posted at every intersection with a camera.

What’s better: the fact that red-light cameras will be gone on March 23, or that the official start of Spring is three days before? (deb)

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Previously Dec. 11, 2014

Are red light cameras a thing of the past?

Traffic cameras in Ohio might be a thing of the past after the House voted and passed a bill that requires police to be placed at every intersection that has a red light camera. Cities like Columbus are saying that this requirement makes it financially impossible to keep using the cameras and if put into effect, Columbus will probably stop using or remove traffic cameras throughout the city. It is expected that the Senate will pass the bill and that when it goes to Gov. John Kasich, he will sign it.

Traffic cameras do decrease the amount of accidents and speeding violations. Just ask the bill’s sponsor, Sen. Bill Seitz, who was caught on video by one such camera. He received a traffic-camera citation in 2010 for a rolling right turn on red at a downtown intersection. He is adamant that this “ticky-tacky ticket” never factored into his decision to sponsor the bill.

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