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Supreme Court rules to delay early voting

Supreme Court rules to delay early voting


UPDATE: The Supreme Court has pushed back the early voting times that were set to begin Tuesday. Following an effort by state Republicans to trim voting hours, the case went up to the supreme court, and justices voted, 5-4, and voting is now set for Oct. 7.

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Could voting be postponed…again?

The ruling of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan Monday morning could decided whether voting begins Tuesday or not. Secretary of State Jon Husted and Attorney General Mike DeWine have opposed the ruling this month that trimming voting hours was unconstitutional, and the appeal has been sent to Kagan to delay early voting that is just a day away so a further appeal could be filed, according to the Dispatch.

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September 24, 2014

On your mark, get set, vote

After all the dust settled from the hoopla, Ohioans are voting early, despite some fighting against it. Wednesday the gavel slammed and the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that voting would begin Tuesday, according to the Dispatch. This supported the previous ruling this month by a U.S. District Court judge that the restricted voting hours proposed by Secretary of State Jon Husted directly impacted and hurt low income and minority voters who use those in person voting times the most.

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