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CML renovations go all Monty Python and ask for a shrubbery

CML renovations go all Monty Python and ask for a shrubbery


Columbus Metropolitan Library’s Main Library is getting ready for its estimated $30.4 million renovations. Construction is scheduled to start in February and likely be completed in 2016. One major part of the renovation will be a project that will connect the library to the Topiary Park (which has sculpted shrubs created to look like painter Georges Seurat’s A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte).

The plan is to replace the east end of the library with glass and have an outdoor deck. The current space between the library and the park will be cleared and landscaped to create a seamless view into the park. “The goal is to bring the library into the Topiary Park and the Topiary Park into the library,” said Brian Pawlowski, a project architect with Schooley Caldwell Associates.

CML is hoping to bring some sculpted sophistication to the library. But all I know is that every time I will go into the new branch, I will be hearing “A SHRUBBERY” in my head as I check out my books.

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The Topiary Park: @topiarypark

Previously Oct. 17, 2014

Developers take Downtown Cbus Library plans for approval

The Columbus Metropolitan Library is readying its plans for the Downtown Commission Tuesday. The plans are set to roughly cost $21 million.

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Previously Oct. 3, 2014

Eyes turn to renovation on Downtown Cbus Library

Libraries across the city have been renovated, new buildings have been constructed and now the city has turned their eyes to the Downtown Columbus Library. The massive plan for the flagship library includes modernizing the building. “Columbus Metropolitan Library has long been an integral part of our downtown community,” said CML CEO Patrick Losinski. “This renovation of our flagship location marks a reinvestment in the Discovery District and a recommitment to our customers.” Those changes will be done in phases and begin in 2015, continuing into 2016, and it will eventually be connected to the Topiary Park for an outdoor reading area. Even with the renovations, the library will remain open through the construction.


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