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Commission stands behind decision to fire firefighter

Commission stands behind decision to fire firefighter



UPDATE: After Marc Cain’s stand to keep his job following a sex scandal that had him fired, the commission has decided to stand behind their decision. According to the Dispatch, they found “credible evidence to uphold the decision.” Many testified in the case, and while Cain refuted that he had sex while on duty, many reported otherwise.

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Fellow firefighters testify in affair at fire station

Firefighters will soon be taking the stand to testify in Marc Cain’s case for having had sex while on duty in the fire station. Herman Tidwell, the first firefighter to testify Monday said, “There was no person I would rather risk my life for than him.” Cain is currently trying to get his job back as a firefighter.

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Previously September 26, 2014
Firefighter’s mistress takes the stand

Thursday as the hearing continues for the former firefighter who was fired over having sex with a teenager while in the station, the girl in question testified. She is now 21 years old, and she said that she did ride on equipment at the station and also had sex in the station with Marc Cain. She said she had a relationship with a fire lieutenant following her affair with Cain, but did not have sex with him while in the station, according to the Dispatch.

Cain’s lawyer is attempting to get his client’s job back by proving that that the entire Fire Division looked the other way and that many had not adhered to the rules and were not punished in the same manner that Cain was.

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Previously September 24, 2014
Former firefighter has hearing over teenage mistress

A former firefighter is rebelling against his termination after his teenage mistress came to light and he was exposed for having the affair and at times while on duty. Marc Cain’s attorney is hoping to reveal the culture that still persists in the Fire Division. Wednesday during the hearing he said he had sent revealing photos to the 18-year-old girl while on duty, but denied having sex with her in the station or bragging about it to other fire fighters. It is expected the Cain’s attorney will argue that even when disciplined for misconduct, he should not have been fired, according to the Dispatch.

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Previously June 13, 2014
Sex scandal: fired firefighter and demoted battalion chief

An affair that lasted over a year. An on duty fire fighter having sex in the station. Allowing a woman to ride in fire trucks and giving her passcodes to the station.

Those are just a few things that got 49 year-old Columbus Firefighter Marc Cain fired from his position in the aftermath of his affair with an 18 year-old woman according to an internal report. Cain wasn’t the only one breaking the firefighter code though. His supervisor, battalion chief Gerald C. Birkhimer has been demoted for allowing Cain’s behavior under his not-so-watchful eye. 21 violations later, Birkhimer has been bumped down to lieutenant for allowing the sex scandal to go unreported, according to the report.

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